Saturday, May 24, 2008

Virginia is for hikers

We're having technical difficulties uploading pictures, so we will update those when we can, for now we will fill in with words!

Last week we celebrated in Damascus, VA for the annual Trail Days festival. A small town that you can walk from end to end, was filled with hikers parading down the street. Local townspeople watched from the sidewalks armed with water guns, water balloons, and buckets of water ready to soak all the hikers in sight. We managed to make it through fairly dry though! Outdoor vendors were there giving away goodies. And although kevin lost the cake eating contest, he did manage to defeat everyone in the sleeping bag sac race! He won me a new sleeping bag! After taking four days off for the festival, it was time to get back on the trail.
Since Damascus, we've made it to mile 624. Officially passing the quarter mark on the trail at mile 540. The test will be to make it through the 500+ miles in Virginia alone, which some people call the "Virginia Blues". However we have many things to look forward to in Virginia to keep us motivated. We are meeting Kevin's family in Shenandoah National park, which has some pretty famous views. And right after we will be entering Harpers Ferry, WV where we will meet up with some of my family!
Unfortunately we can't display our pictures from the last few weeks, but we are doing great. We will try and update again soon!